My Approach to Filmmaking

Cinema can translate Ideas

I have been an active filmmaker since 1995 when I made my first film at the North Carolina School of the Arts during its Filmmaking Summer Immersion Program. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Broadcasting and Cinema Masters Program I continued to make movies while teaching film at the university level.

I owe my visual sense to the Italian and Flemish painters of the Renaissance for their strong compositions and formalist approach to capturing nature. I love the German Expressionists and Impressionists of the Modern era for the emotional qualities of the moving, feeling form. From the North American painters, Howard Pyle and N. C. Wyeth have an incredible style that I admire greatly from their graphic depictions of great stories from early American literature.

I have over 25 years of experience as a practicing, professional and award-winning filmmaker. I am a director/editor/DP/producer for hire under the sole proprietorship of Jesse Knight Films that I have maintained since 2009. I am wholeheartedly dedicated to filmmaking and the education of others. All aspects of the craft fascinate me and drive me to master them further. It is my sincere hope that I can instill this feeling in others, from the concept of the idea all the way through to distribution and beyond. I look forward to learning more over the years and hope to inspire others to follow a career path in creating worlds.

The Werewolf Hunters

2019 | 3:55 | Short, Fantasy

A dark glimpse into a fantasy world full of fear and fangs where a hunter tragically becomes the monstrous prey that he’s always hunted, and the love of his life has a deadly and difficult decision to make.

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  • Jesse is a fantastic cinematographer. His creativity and attention to detail are two of his strongest traits. Jesse’s determination and resolve are unparalleled, and I highly recommend him with no reservations whatsoever.
    John R. Mazza
  • The pride, prowess and professionalism that Jesse Knight puts into every aspect of his craft is inspiring. Whether it’s being behind the camera or in the editing room, making movies or teaching the next generation the necessary cinematic skills to make their own, Jesse is a knowledgeable and formidable filmmaker and a blessing to have on any production or project.
    Jaysen P. Buterin
    Writer/Director, Kill Giggles, The Corner, Between Hell & A Hard Place
  • As an actress, I have worked with Jesse Knight on everything from music videos to features, and he is a solid filmmaker! He’s very easy going and fun on set. Jesse is skilled, talented and knowledgeable. He stands out as a true professional and this is clearly reflected in his multi-award-winning body of work.
    Christy Johnson
    Actress, Singer
  • Jesse Knight is one of the best. More than just a reliable professional, he is a talented, all-around filmmaker. He understands each aspect of the craft and can always be counted on to work not only with great efficiency, but also with an abundance of talent that elevates every project he’s connected with. Hope to work with him even more in the future.
    Richard Clabaugh
    Editor, Director, DP
  • Jesse Knight is an incredible filmmaker who is easy to work with, down to earth, generous and extremely kind. Yet in spite of all that he’s still tenacious about getting the job done. If you want a good music video, a good podcast or a good short or long film, Jesse is the way to go and at an affordable price. The guy is no bs. It was a pleasure working with him!
    Tyler Brown
    Singer/guitar, Tombstone Highway
  • Jesse Knight makes beautiful, rich and top shelf quality moving pictures. The fact that he makes it with such ease and with such a laid-back nature makes you wonder, “how did that happen?” From documentary to drama and sci-fi/horror to cool rock videos Jesse makes it look easy!
    Jeffrey Dean Foster